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Here is all the info I have on the Beagle Bros Apple II product line, compiled from several Beagle Bros catalogs. It may be incomplete. If you notice omissions or errors, please email me.

Alpha PrinterLo-Res Graphics and Titling Program
Alpha PlotHi-Res Graphics Program
Apple MechanicShape Editor/Hi-Res Fonts
Apple Mechanic Typefaces26 Fonts for Apple Mechanic
Arcade MachineCreate your own arcade games (by Broderbund)
AW 3.0 CompanionAppleWorks 3 customizing patcher
Bag of TricksExamine and edit raw disk data, reformat tracks, and repair damaged disk catalogs (by Quality)
Beagle Bag12 Games on One Disk (Game Packs #1-4) (Buzzword, Elevators, Hang-Person, Magic Pack, Oink!, Pick-A-Pair, Quick-Draw!, Slippery Digits, Sub Search, TextTrain, Triple Digits, Wowzo!)
Beagle BASICAppleSoft BASIC Enhancer
Beagle CompilerCompiler for AppleSoft BASIC Programs
BeagleDraw(formerly TopDraw)
Beagle Graphics16-color Double Hi-Res Graphics
Beagle ScreensFull-Screen Captionable Clip Art
BeagleWorksBecame WordPerfect Works
BeagleWrite(formerly MultiScribe)
BeagleWrite GS(formerly MultiScribe GS)
BeagleWrite Desk AccessoriesAccessories for BeagleWrite
BeagleWrite Picture ManagerPicture Manager for BeagleWrite
Big UProDOS Utility Disk
(later on Game Pack #4)
Mad-Libs-like Game
Clip Art Volume 1IIGS clip art
Corn Game
(later on Game Pack #4)
Kids' Guessing Game
D CodeAppleSoft Program Compactor & Debugger
DiskQuikVirtual Disk in RAM
DOS BossDOS 3.3 Enhancer/Command Editor
Double-TakeTwo-Way Scrolling and Bonus Utilities
(later on Game Pack #2)
Real-Time Action Game
Extra KExtended Memory Utility
FatCatDisk Library Cataloger
Flex TypeVariable-Width Hi-Res Text Utility
Font Mechanic30 Fonts for Shape Mechanic
Frame-UpApple Presentation Program
G.P.L.E.Global Program Line Editor, BASIC Programming Environment (by Synergistic)
GS Font EditorFont Editor for AppleWorks
Hang-PersonHangman Game
I.O. SilverHi-Res Strategy/Arcade Game
MacroworksAppleWorks 1.3 Enhancement
Magic Pack
(later on Game Pack #3)
Computer-Assisted Magic Tricks
Master FindMastermind but with Five Numbers
Minipix Disk #1200 Clip Art Graphics for The Print Shop
Minipix Disk #2200 Clip Art Graphics for The Print Shop
Minipix Disk #3200 Clip Art Graphics for The Print Shop
(later on Game Pack #3)
Dice Game
Outliner for AppleWorks 3.0Outliner for AppleWorks word processor
(later on Game Pack #1)
"Concentration" Game
Platinum PaintIIGS paint program
Point-to-PointTelecomm program
Power PrintDot Matrix Printer Utility
Pro-ByterDisk Editor and ProDOS Utilities
Program WriterAppleSoft Program Editor
Pronto DOSHigh-Speed DOS 3.3 Utilities
Resource DiskSample file disk for SuperFonts Activity Guide
(later on Game Pack #2)
Cowboy Shootout Game
Shape MechanicShape Animation and Screen Fonts
Silicon SaladMultiple Utilities
Slippery Digits
(later on Game Pack #3)
Sliding Puzzle Game
Sub Search
(later on Game Pack #1)
Submarine Hunting Game
Super MacroworksAppleWorks 2.0 Enhancement
(later on Game Pack #1)
Electric Model Train Simulator
Tic Tac Fooey!Tic Tac Toe Game
TimeOut DESKTOOLSDesk Accessories for AppleWorks
TimeOut DESKTOOLS IIMore Desk Accessories for AppleWorks
TimeOut FILEMASTERProDOS Disk Manipulation from Within AppleWorks
TimeOut GRAPHConvert AppleWorks Spreadsheet Data into Graphs
TimeOut MACROEASETeaches how to make and use macros
TimeOut MACROTOOLSTons of Macros for TimeOut ULTRAMACROS
TimeOut PAINTMonochrome DHR paint module for AppleWorks
TimeOut POWERPACKTen AppleWorks Utilities
TimeOut QUICKSPELLFast spellchecker for AppleWorks
TimeOut REPORTWRITERCombines info from several files into one report
TimeOut SIDESPREADPrint AppleWorks Spreadsheets Sideways
TimeOut SPREADTOOLSAppleWorks spreadsheet utilities
TimeOut SUPERFONTSInclude Graphics and Fonts in AppleWorks printouts
TimeOut TELECOMMTelecomm module for AppleWorks
TimeOut TEXTTOOLSAppleWorks word processor utilities
TimeOut THESAURUSThesaurus for AppleWorks
TimeOut ULTRAMACROSMacro Key Record/Playback for AppleWorks
Tip Disk #1100 Tip Book Tips on Disk
Triple Digits
(later on Game Pack #4)
Numerical Strategy Game
Triple-DumpPrint-Anything Utility
Utility City21 Utilities on One Disk
(later on Game Pack #2)
Real-Time Maze Game
Zoom GrafixSend Apple hi-res pictures to any graphics-compatible printer. Enlarging, cropping, and rotating capabilities. (by Phoenix)

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