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Beagle Bros Online Museum: Where Are They Now?

I have been contacted by a few former Beagles who tipped me off to each others current whereabouts. Here is the information that I have collected, in alphabetical order:

Alan Bird now works for Qualcomm. His OneClick Mac product is sold by former Beagles Rob Renstrom and John Oberrick at Westcodesoft.
Randy Brandt has been a childcare administrator in the Denver area since 2000. These days, he programs mostly VB6 and PHP. He's enjoying passing on some programming knowledge to his son.
Jack Cassidy writes firmware for printers and All In One Devices at Hewlett-Packard.
Morgan Davis founded the Morgan Davis Group, created ProLine, and went on to start an ISP.
Joe Holt went on to work for Adobe, taught middle school for a year, then moved on to Apple, where he co-wrote iMovie. He now teaches computer science in Vermont.
Bert Kersey started a company that made model train paraphernalia after selling Beagle Bros. He is now "mostly" retired.
Sharon Kersey is still married to Bert.
Mark Munz lives in Oregon and is working on a blazingly fast Mac OS X version of Deja ][ for running AppleWorks 5.
Matt Reimer works for VPOP Technologies in Washington.
Mark Simonsen licensed the Beagle Bros Apple II line to Quality Computers in 1991, and BeagleWorks to WordPerfect Corp. in 1992. He is now also "semi-retired."
Dan Verkade is working as a programmer in the L.A. area.

If you are an ex-Beagle, and would like to be listed on this page, please email me. Also, if you wish, I will link your name to your current email address.

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