How to Count: Programming for Mere Mortals

Programming for Mere Mortals is a series of books designed to introduce the concepts of programming from the ground up to a reader who has never written a line of code.

Unlike most programming books which aim to teach you a particular language or operating system, this series focuses on the core fundamentals that are common to programming any computer.

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The first volume, How to Count (approx. 70 pages), introduces you in a laid-back, conversational tone to math concepts that are essential to becoming a successful programmer. Topics include:

This short, easily understood book will quickly get you thinking like a programmer. Additional volumes to follow.


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Errata for 1st edition:

P. 41: The word "saying" is omitted before the phrase "something that's actually pretty simple".

P. 50: Recent versions of Mac OS X will display drive capacities that mirror the marketing description. This, rather than benevolence on the part of hard drive manufacturers, may explain why 2 TB drives now appear as 2 TB on the desktop.

P. 51: 1 TiB is of course equal to 1,024 GiB (not 1,024 TiB).

P. 54: Contrary to this page's claim, data transfer is more commonly measured with 1 kilobit equal to 1,000 bits. This slightly changes the outcome of the conversion to kBps that follows on page 56.

P. 60: The "moved right 9 places" number should read: 3,140,000,000.