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Beagle Bros Online Museum: FAQ, Part 2

Uncle Louie
Ask Uncle Louie

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- I've noticed that a lot of computers say UL APPROVED on them. What does U.L. stand for?
A. I thought you'd never ask.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- Every six months my Apple IIe's clock needs to be reset an hour for Daylight Savings. How do I remember which direction to set it?
A. Spring back, Fall forward

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- My video projector projects my Apple screen images upside down. What should I do?
A. Turn the screen over.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- Why is there no period after the "Bros" in Beagle Bros?
A. There isn't room.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- Two years ago I bought a $2,000 personal computer to help balance my checkbook. It works great but it takes me six times as long as it used to with my $5.95 calculator. Is this normal?
A. You are definitely doing something wrong; the national average is 5.4 times as long.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- You have been around for quite some time. I was wondering -- did the early computers have memory problems?
A. I can't remember.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- Why is it that most kids are attracted to computers while most adults are quite wary of computers?
A. Most adults are smarter than most kids.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- What do you think would happen if you put all of the world's Apple users together in a giant room full of Apple computers?
A. I don't know, but there'd be at least one bozo that would sit there all day trying to boot a data disk.

Q. Dear Uncle Louie -- AppleWorks is really neat, but I absolutely can't stand its "Carefully saving this file" message. Can you?
A. Do you really want to know this?
               No              Yes

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